Wick Telgenkamp (1998) is a Dutch creator with a desire to push the boundaries on the definition of what is art, design or the space in between. His work has a focus on sustainability achieved with traditional techniques from our past and or future. For that reason while creating he is always looking for the right balance between art, design and the execution of it. 


His work can be described as monumental with an eye for detail in which important influences of historical Japanese, Egyptian and African art can be found. Each project, large or small, is for Wick a reflection of the person he was, is or want to be at that moment.


His fascination for our ancestors, their knowledge, life style and cultures makes it that every work has a different background. There are infinite mind-blowing discoveries to be made about the past. Being able to look back at our past to see what worked and what didn’t is a true blessing. Wick tries to link these “working” elements with elements from our rapidly growing future to eventually end up on a blanc page where our reality has no susceptibility on what's to come. Creating in complete freedom from that point on. ​

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